1. Ecoin Wallet Overview

  • Client Side Encryption - All wallets are encrypted client side using javascript providing protection from server side hacking.
  • Free - No additional transaction fees. A Ecoin network fee may apply, but is optional.
  • Open Source - All code related to the wallet service is open source.
  • Currency Conversion - Live Market Prices in 22 currencies.

2. Transaction Types

  • Quick Send - Simple send form
  • Free - Advanced Send form with coin control. With ability to embed messages in the swisexplorer.
  • Open Source - Route transactions through a shared wallet breaking the chain of transactions.

3. Mobile

  • HTML5 Mobile interface

4. Mobile applications will be available soon for

5. Payment Notifications

Receive notifications when your Swis Wallet account sends or receives Ecoins.

  • Email

6. Anonymity

  • Fully Encrypted Wallets - All wallets are fully encrypted client side mean we cannot view your transactions or wallet balance.

7. Other Security - Overview

  • Double Encryption - Private keys contained within a user's wallet can be individually encrypted with a second password. The second password will be required when sending payments.
  • Password Hints - Password hints can be set to help remember forgotten passwords.
  • Secret Phrase - A secret phrase can be added to your account to help prove your identify in the case of a lost two-factor login.